Naughty Mom
Would you describe the biggest and best cumshot your son has ever given you?

Honestly, the first ones he’s got, are usually pretty big loads. There was never been one that really stood out more than the other.

Do you really have sex with your son? If so that's HOT

yes I do. that’s what the blog is about.

Did you ever find out if your son fantasized about you before you got together?

Yeah, after that initial night, where it was just the oral sex, we talked, and he admitted he had those kinda desires too.

Just curious, do you and your son (French) kiss during sex or other times?


Are you loud when you are with your son?

Definitely. I mean I really have no reason to be quiet, with it being the two of us in the house. The only time I have to be careful is if we’re outside. The neighbors may be a good distance away, with enough cover between the houses, but I can be pretty loud too lol.

who is hottie in your profile picture? do you look like her

Julia Ann. Yes, I’ve even had people tell me I do.

Have you ever gone out in public with your son's dried cum still on you?

no, i haven’t.

To anonymous

Ok, seriously, either message me, regular, not being anonymous, or I won’t be able to help you, because I am not going to text.