Naughty Mom
Do you and your son ever French kiss when you're not having sex?

No, any real intense kissing only happens when we’re having sex, or pretty much leading into sex.

Has your son ever asked to cum in you?

no, he actually hasn’t

So...about how often are you having sex now that it's summer? Are you letting him see the light of day? I know If I was him I wouldn't mind being stuck inside the house with you all day, every day

We do it quite often. There have been a few days, where it’s basically just been a day of sex, with some periods of rest in between.

Hi nicole! I wonder what your favorite position is with Mike and with your son. And I should be glad to know why. Thank you. I envy you and your son :)

Well in general I like to either be on top looking at them, or doggy style. But really, as long as the sex is good, the position isn’t that big of a deal for me.

If his father was still in the picture do you think you would have still would have gone through with it? Would you have found that to be hot?

I probably wouldn’t have. I’ve never been big on cheating, especially if it’s in a marriage, so if we were still married, and I ended up getting those thoughts for my son, they would have likely remained just that, thoughts.

Now that your aware how hot it is being with your son, do you wish you could have started it sooner?

Honestly, not really. I think it just seemed like the perfect time to happen. Plus it’s nice being with him at a time when he’s got experience, and knows what he’s doing.

Do you ever get in the mood to be taken by your son doggy style?

Lol we go through a few positions everytime we’re together, and doggy is on that list.

You mention your son is "above average". If he were just average size would you have considered not going through with it?

I probably still would have, since my initial interest in him began from just hearing him with a few girls, never actually seeing anything. Like I’ve said, he might be big, but he also knows how to please a woman too.

When your son goes back to school what are you going to do. For sex? I'm guessing you must be having sex now, nearly everyday, even multiple times per day given his age. It is going to be tough for both of you.

Honestly I don’t know. I mean he’s got some girls at school that will help him out with any ‘itches,’ and like I’ve said, the campus isn’t that far away.

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