Naughty Mom
Back To School

Ok, so last Monday (Aug 25) was time for my son to head back to school for his new school year. Since he wouldn’t be around as often now, I decided to make Sunday a nice going away. That morning, I started the day off right, by waking him up with a blowjob. When he stirred awake, he groggyily looked down at me and smiled, and just said good morning. I pulled my mouth back, returned the smile, and good morning, and went back to work. He lasted a couple minutes more, before he announced he was going to cum. Again, since it was a big going away day I had planned, I decided to for only the second time, swallow down what he gave me. (I’m still not 100% percent on it, but I’m starting to like it. I know naughty me :-D). Now with the amount, I almost choked, but I managed to avoid that, and take it all down. When he was done shooting off, and I had it all swallowed, I slowly pulled my mouth off of him, sucking the whole time, until I pulled him completely out of my mouth with a slurpy pop. When he realized I was done, he just looked down, and told me, ‘you really are just amazing mom,’ I just giggled and told him I know.
Now, I just stayed there on the bed, laying where I was at his feet, while I let him recover, and told him how today was going to be a fun day, since he was moving back to the dorms tomorrow.

When he finally got up, I stayed on the bed, and asked him if he wanted breakfast. He just said, that he was hungry after that wake up, and before, I could get up off the bed (I was face down on his bed), I felt him take the bottom of my robe, and quickly move it up, bunching it up, above my butt. It seemed that as soon as my butt was exposed his face was buried between my cheeks (I just had the robe on, nothing else). Clearly he was ‘hungry’ as he want wild, sucking, licking and probing at my pussy. A few moments in, I felt his hands on my hips, kinda pulling up, and I quickly moved my backside up, so my butt was now up in the air, with my head buried in his bed. Now in the better position, he went back to licking me, while reaching under me, and began to work his hand on my clit. Clearly he was all about quickly returning the favor to me, and he did that. I quickly came, and was just screaming out, as my hips were bucking, with him still licking away. Like I’ve said, that boy’s sexual skill do not match his age lol. When I finally had enough, he back away, and just let me collapse onto the bed. When I had now recovered, I just told him, this was going to be a fun day. I then told him to go shower, and I would cook some breakfast for him. (well second breakfast I guess lol.)

So I’m just finishing up his food, when he comes down, just wearing a towel around his waist (I’m still wearing the robe, nothing underneath, untied. I mean what would be the point of covering up lol) Now he’s eating, I’m doing some dishes and we’re chatting, talking about school, and just chit chat. When he was done, I went over to get his plate and cup, to take it to the sink, and I notice the tent in the towel. So I just bring the dishes to the sink, and tell him to pull his chair back. He does, of course with a smile on his face. As I’m walking back to him, he undoes the towel, and asks if this was why I asked him to move the chair. I smile, tell him he knows me all to well. I kiss him on the forehead, and then straddle my legs on either side of him. Before I can do anything he quickly puts his mouth to my left breast, and I again tell him how he knows me so well. I then reach down, grabbing that beautiful dick of his, line it up, and slowly sink myself onto it. I don’t care how many times we’ve done it, I always love that first penetration with him. So once I had him completely inside me, I just sat there in his lap, as he continued to mouth my chest, going from one breast to the other.

After a few more moments, I stopped him, put my hands on either side of his face, and brought it up to mine and started kissing him. A slightly innocent kiss at first, and quickly into our tongues wrestling. As the kiss got dirtier, I started to move my hips slowly at first, and picking up speed. Then he broke our kiss, and his hands went right to my butt, and I went from my hips gyrating on him, to my body bouncing in his lap. I then felt him kinda move himself forward on the chair, and then stop my movements. He had me rise all the way up, and then stopped me, when just the head was left in me. That’s when he started to move his hips up, while making sure I staying in place. I just loved it, having him driving up into me, at a pretty good speed. Just when I thought I was going to cum, he pulled me off of him. He quickly moved me back, so he could stand up. Before I could say anything, he planted a big kiss on my lips, and as he did it, pushed my robe off, and to the ground. He then turned me around, and bent me right over the table. I was expecting him to put it right back in, but instead, he teased me, rubbing the head of his dick, up and down the opening of my pussy. I finally begged him to put it back in. I heard him laugh and say, what ever you want mom, and pushed it back in me. He was really going to town, as I propped my self up with my hands. I mean he was going hard enough that the table was shaking. Finally I felt it, and I got my second orgasm, and it hit me, and I just dropped my hands, and rested my upper body on the table, gripping on the edges. He gave me a few more thrusts, which made me even crazier, and then I felt him pull out, and then next thing I remember, was feeling his cum hitting the skin of my butt and back.
When I was some what back to normal, I slowly made my way back up to a vertical position, using the table to support me. I could also feel the cum start to run a bit down my back and butt, and figured I’d have a mess on the floor to clean up later. I looked over, and he was back in the chair, catching his own breath. I told him he was as good as always, gave him another kiss on the forehead, and went to take a second shower to clean up his mess.

After I got out of the shower, and dressed, we decided to get some of his stuff together that was going with him the next day, to make it easier for us. For about the next hour, it was normal mom and son mode, just getting things together. At around 11, we decided it was warm enough, to go for a swim. We’re swimming a bit, enjoying the water, and after a bit, I get out, and sit on the edge, with my feet still in the water. He swam a bit, and then came over to me and told me, how hot I was. I laughed and told him he was such a flirt. He smiled and said guilty. He then said, it doesn’t mean it’s not true. He then started kissing my upper thighs, followed by parting my legs. I knew what was coming, and just smirked. He kissed up and down the inside of my thighs. I then told him he wasn’t just a flirt, he was a tease. He looked up at me, and smiled, not saying anything. He then focused his attention back between my legs, and took a hand, moving the crotch of my bikini bottoms to the side, exposing me to the air. He again teased, this time running his finger up and down my slit a few times. I leaned back, resting on my hands, and just let out a moan. He then ran his tongue, once, from bottom to top, sending a shiver up my spine. I just begged him to stop teasing me. As soon as the words left my mouth, I felt his mouth go right to my pussy, and go right to work. First, he just had his mouth over it, sucking in, while working his tongue in me. Soon he pushed a finger into me, under his mouth, really kicking it into over drive. I was now fully on my back, on the pool deck as he worked me over with his mouth.
When i felt my next orgasm hit, my legs quickly squeezed around his head, and my body just started to shake. Since we were outside, I tried to keep my moans some what low, but it was really hard. When I was really in the throes of it, he had taken his hand away, but his mouth was still going strong. When he kept going, I really thought I would pass out, but he finally pulled himself away, when my legs let up from around his head. When I collapsed to catch my breath, I could hear water splashing, as he was swimming away.
When I recovered again, I sat back up, and saw him a few feet away, just smirking at me. I told him he’s so bad, yet so good. He laughed and said he tries. I then jumped in, to cool myself down, after that heat up. He moved towards me, and we kissed a bit again, letting me taste myself on his lips :-D. After the kiss we swam a bit more, and finally got out. We decided to go out for lunch, and wold also go do a bit of shopping for him.

I’ll finish up with the rest of the day later, since this post went on a bit long, but yes, there is more to come. Or should it be cum? ;-)

Has your son ever used his big cock to get out of work? For example, after you tell him to clean his room or mow the lawn he walks up behind you and rubs his big cock against you and says, "Oh, Mom, not right now".

no, never tried to be that sneaky. But I have used sex as a reward, like if he did something around the house I asked him to.

Is your son back in school?

yeah, he went back the beginning of last week

Have you swallowed your son's cum load again?

No, it was just that one time, so far.

Do you have any fantasies of fucking in front of other people? ( if they didn't know you were mother/son)

Like, group sex? Yeah, I’ve had fantasies about having a third person with us that didn’t don’t we were mother and son.

What do you think son? Do you like my new necklace?

What do you think son? Do you like my new necklace?

Have you allowed him to fuck you in the ass, how was it? Did it shirt and if so did he keep up the anal rape anyway like any good son would?

We haven’t done anal. I’ve never been that big into anal, so .