Naughty Mom
Have you ever gone out in public with your son's dried cum still on you?

no, i haven’t.

To anonymous

Ok, seriously, either message me, regular, not being anonymous, or I won’t be able to help you, because I am not going to text.

You must view your son as a super stud. He has the biggest cock you've ever had, fucked you deeper than any man has, shoots the biggest loads of any man and probably the most potent man you've ever had. Are you proud he came out of you? Proud you helped make your own super stud?

Yeah, definitely proud of him, both as just a regular son, and as, like you’ve called him, the super stud he’s become.

Do u have any help for me? Please text or put what u think on ur blog

With the situation you told me, with you wanting more, and it seeming he wants you to, I’d say try going farther. It doesn’t sound like from what you’ve told me, he would be against advancing things.

Do you and your son sleep together at night ?

We have fallen asleep together before, but it’s not a regular thing of us sleeping in the same bed.

Did you like swallowing your son's load? Do you think you will start doing it more?

I kinda liked it. Like I said, with not being used to doing it, and with the amount he put out, I wasn’t 100% into it, but did it in a spur of the moment.

To Anonymous Again

To message me, where we can do it private, just hit the ask me anything button on my page.

To Whoever Anonymous Messaged Me

Whoever you were that messaged me about helping with your son, I don’t really text, but if you private message me, I’d be willing to see if I can help.